Top Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

Published: 27th July 2009
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Even getting an interview with a company can be difficult these days so if you have one you must prepare and be ready for the questions they will ask. Thankfully the top interview questions are not so difficult.

A lot of questions will overlap in the answers so try not to repeat yourself too much. They already have your resume so they know a lot of the answers already. Interviews often are just to try an understand your personality. They also want to check what you said on your resume is true and you know what you are talking about.

What can you tell us about yourself?

The standard ice breaking question but don't spoil it by talking about things they really don't want to hear. No one wants to know which football team you support or what your hobbies are. This question is just about business.

What they want to hear is about your current job and responsibilities. What your job title is and how long you have been doing it. You don't need to go into detail but keep to a broad overview of what you are currently employed to do.

You can wrap up with a little personal information if you wish.

Why do you want to work for the new company?

Try to prepare answers that are positive towards the new company and why you would be excited to work for them. They want to hear reasons why the company's business is interests you and not why you would benefit from the company. It's close to your home, the pay is good and they have a free canteen, are not good answers to tell them.

Why do you wish to leave your current job?

Never start to criticize your current or former employer even though you'd like to and they deserve it. Make sure you give the impression that you are looking for more exciting work, greater responsibilities and advancing your career. Any moaning about your current boss, even though he's an idiot, will not help your chances.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Since you are reading this one of your strengths is obviously dedication and planning. Think of a few positive traits you have and list them. Everyone has weaknesses and the trick is to not mention those. Better to pick one of your strengths and claim it as a weakness. For example, your dedication and willingness to help others in the team means you have to work extra hours to get your own work done on time.

Be sure not to lay on the self sacrifice too much or you will just sound insincere.

These are some of the top interview questions and having well prepared answers will make you seem more confident and employable.

The job market is tough and competition is fierce but asking good Job Interview Questions is just one of the killer techniques that can work in your favor during an interview. Increase your chances of your next job and discover the hot interview methods that confidently win. Top Interview Questions

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